Transforming the cosmetics industry from the root is one of our main interests as a Brand and we achieve that applying honest and real changes in our products seeking to inspire others.

We start designing our packagings with the premise of minimizing as much as posible or disappearing  completely, always complying with the different international regulations but also inviting them to transformation. 

As FDA, CE, Anmat or OIA still require primary and secondary pack, we design them  with the least possible ecological impact.

Besides containing our formulations, we use these places to tell about the certifications that our products have, Our  way of making them and of course, the most important thing, what´s in them.

Being able to transmit this to users is our second mission. Take a real Look at the labels and what the products we use in our bodies contain to stimulating a more conscious decision.

We always choose reusable or biodegradable materials first, but sometimes there is no replacement. Our favorite material is glass because it is inert and does not alter the products we make with such dedication, but also because it comes from renewable sources, of 60% recycled and reusable material (you can use them in your home as you like or add to our packaging recycling program obtaining a discount on your next purchase).

In cases where glass is not an option - such as accessories, lids or some containers in which the glass would put the user in danger - we choose non-toxic plastics such as polypropylene that can be recycled up to 7 times and where new parts may contain a high percentage of recycled material (up to 50%).

We are also running a container reclycling program where our customers have a discount if they get the containers for recycling at Dandy offices or selected stores

We also carefully select the colors of our packaging thinking about the best option for the conservation of the content that can often be damaged by sunlight. In all cases when the product allows, we choose the transparent one so that users can see the content.

Cases and boxes
We always choose to use post-consumer and unbleached recycled cardboard to reduce the production of virgin pulp and chlorine that is released into the environment.

In all cases we design our cases thinking about the reduction of the total weight of cardboard used looking for alternative solutions to those already existing (photo close Iberia pots / mini candy) to reduce the material used.

Our innovative designs reduce material disposal to levels that tend to 0 and we continually strive to continue improving this percentage.

We discard all types of glues and use mechanical closures in our cases, thus reducing the use of composite materials and ensuring complete degradation of the container at the end of the cycle.

As in all cases, we try to minimize the use of material always complying with international regulations for cosmetic products and choose biodegradable materials such as paper and cardboard as well as in the necessary cases, we incorporate non-toxic plastics such as Polypropylene that can be recycled up to 7 times and where new parts may contain a high percentage of recycled material (up to 50%)

We use all the pieces as a canvas to be able to tell about our products and that we choose to do when we put in the front of our cases the components of the product in colloquial language in order of predominance in content so that all users can access this information in a way clear.