After Shave Balm

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Product description

Natural Aftershave Cream with Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Calendula.

Description: Creamy and refreshing, our After Shave Balm was designed to recover the skin, which can be irritated and damaged after using the razor blades.

Aloe Vera relieves inflammation and Shea Butter helps repairing damaged skin and accelerating healing. The Mint Peperina Essence Oil has a great astringent power and contributes to a product that helps holistically to improve the annoying sensations of a shave flush.

Why use it?: Reduces the after shaving burning sensation and irritation.
Keeps a hydrated and silky skin.
Reduces  shaving rashes.
Softens the skin and helps healing wounds.

How to use it?: Take a small amount of our post shave balm and rub it in your hands. Apply on your face and neck, massaging gently until completely covering the shaved area.

Components: Demineralized Water - Vegetable Glycerin - Bentonite Clay - Peppermint Essential Oil - Benzyl Alcohol

Does Not Contain: Parabens, Solvents, Petrolates, Silicones, Lanolin.

Packaging: 99% Biodegradable.
100% recycled post consumer cardboard without bleaching 0,10oz (0,67oz), 0,17oz (1,69oz), Does not contain (4,73oz). Glass pot 90% recycled post consumer 1,90oz (0,67oz), 3,73oz (1,69oz), 5,57oz (4,73oz). 100% recycled tin lid 0,17oz (0,67oz), 0,31oz (1,69oz), 0,35oz (4,73oz). OPP label 100% recyclable 0,01oz (0,67oz), 0,02oz (1,69oz) and 0,0eoz (4,73oz)