Beard Brush

$124.90 USD

Product description

Beard Brush. Wooden Beard Brush recovered with Natural Horse Bristles (Handmade).    

Description: This unique and limited edition accessory is the brand of a gentleman who knows how to take care of himself. An article that marks its appearance every day and every night.
This brush is unique in its category since the bristles used are 100% natural, manually selected from the cut that is made in the breeding of the best Argentine horses for Polo (process 100% free of animal cruelty).
It is made with hardwoods and without chemical treatments, recovered from leftover furniture production.
Each brush is made entirely by hand and the bristles are sewn with copper wire to ensure unbeatable durability.
Each piece is unique and is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity, serial number and lifetime warranty.
Like all our products, this brush is manufactured without animal suffering with bristles obtained from the best polo horses in Argentina.

Why use it ?: Softens the beard by distributing skin oils evenly. Firm bristles untangle the beard and make it soft to the touch. Avoid static and frizz that cut hair.
Reduces itching and ingrown hairs: unevenly cut natural bristles exfoliate the skin, effectively eliminating the remains of dead cells, thus reducing itching and massaging the follicles, stimulating healthier and stronger growth.

How to use it: Comb the beard down with full movements from the cheekbones to where it ends in the neck area. This way you will shape it and more and more volume.
Use it daily to direct hair growth and thus have a much neater and tidy beard.

Materials: Hardwoods without chemical treatments. (Cebil / Pecan / Anchico / Lapacho / Lenga / Algarrobo). Equine natural bristles. Copper wire. Certificate of authenticity.