Hair Clay

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Product description

Natural Hair Wax with Argan Oil and Andean Bentonite Clay. Matte Effect / Medium Fixation.

Description: Our water-based hair clay is designed to dry into powder when it is applied giving a true Matte finish and a casual appearance that can be reshaped. It provides a medium fixation that lasts all day long.

Why use it?: Ultra matte finish. Medium fixation. Provides volume and texture.

How to use it?: Take a small amount of the container and rub it in your hands. When rubbing, the paste will become more sticky and powdery.

Components: Demineralized Water - Beeswax - Bentonite Clay - Ceral VG - Vegetable Glycerin - Carnauba Wax - Jojoba Oil - Argan Oil - Emogreen TM - Benzyl Alcohol - Lemon Essential Oil - Natural Coconut Fragance - Xanthan Gum.

It does not have: Parabens, Solvents, Petrolatum, Silicones, Alcohols, Lanolin.

Packaging: 99% Biodegradable. 100% recycled post consumer cardboard without bleaching 0,10oz (0,67oz), 0,17oz (1,69oz). Glass pot 90% recycled post consumer 1,90oz (0,67oz), 3,73oz (1,69oz). 100% recycled tin lid 0,17oz (0,67oz), 0,31oz (1,69oz). OPP label 100% recyclable 0,01oz (0,67oz) and 0,02oz (1,69oz).