Hair Comb

$61.66 USD

Product description

Hair Comb. Big Comb Wooden Hair Recovered (Handmade).

Description: This unique and limited edition accessory is the mark of a man who knows how to take care of himself. An article that marks its appearance every day and every night.
Our hardwood combs without chemical treatments come from the discarding of industrial furniture production and are made entirely by hand.

Why to use it ?: Softens hair by distributing natural hair oils evenly like no other material. The wood detangles the hair and makes it softer to the touch.
Avoid static and frizz that cut hair. The wood exfoliates the skin, effectively eliminating the remains of hairs and dead cells, massaging the follicles and stimulating healthier and stronger growth.

How to use it: Comb your hair normally giving it the shape you most want.

Dimensions: 5,90 x 1,97in

Manufacture: They are all unique pieces completely finished and sealed by hand. This 100% manual termination ensures the elimination of splinters and edges that could cut or hook the hair. They are hand polished and then polished with natural oils to ensure unbeatable quality.

Materials: Hardwoods without chemical treatments. (Cebil / Pecan / Anchico / Lapacho / Lenga / Algarrobo)

Does not contain: Woods from deforestation. Plastic. Mineral oils.