Shaving Brush

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Product description

Wood Shaving Brush recovered with 100% Natural Horse Bristles (Handmade).

Description: A soft brush of 100% natural bristles obtained without animal suffering and made completely by hand. It has a hardwood handle obtained from the discarding of industrial furniture production, specifically designed to improve the grip and facilitate the circular movements necessary to form the foam and apply it.
The Equine bristles, obtained from the best polo horses in Argentina, are very soft and of an ideal length to form a firm and unctuous foam.

Why use it ?: Softens and lifts hair. Thanks to the massage, the pores open and so you get a closer shave.
Our natural bristle brush is ideal to form an airy and full-bodied foam that facilitates the sliding of the blades across your face.

How to use it: Moisten the brush with boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes. Drain to remove excess water. Apply circular movements to the bar of soap to generate a smooth and full-bodied foam. Apply to the face with circular movements covering the entire area to be shaved. Use the razor preferably for a close shave.

Dimensions: Handle: Diam: 1.37 in. Height 1.77 in. Knot Diam: 0.86 in. Height 2.16 in.

Materials: Hardwoods without chemical treatments. (Cebil / Pecan / Anchico / Lapacho / Lenga / Algarrobo). Equine natural bristles.

Does not contain: Wood from deforestation. Synthetic bristles Plastic. Mineral oils.