Wet Shaving Starter Set

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Product description

Wet Shaving Starter Set: Shaving Soap 5.29 oz. + Wood Shaving Brush 

Description: For those who are discovering that the task of shaving can be very pleasant and a unique experience. Presented in a noble gift or gift box.

Soap For Shaving: Specially designed to foam with a brush, our formula is designed to provide a thick and foamy cream, keeping the skin hydrated and protected during shaving. Bentonite clay gives the foam a great body and castor oil helps the blades to slide easily, without damaging the skin and keeping it always healthy.
Like all our products, it is 100% natural, Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians.

Shaving Brush: A soft brush of 100% natural bristles obtained without animal suffering and made entirely by hand. It has a hardwood handle obtained from the discarding of industrial furniture production, specifically designed to improve the grip and facilitate the circular movements necessary to form the foam and apply it.
The Equine bristles, obtained from the best polo horses in Argentina, are very soft and of an ideal length to form a firm and unctuous foam.